Here are a few links if you’d like to learn more about my educational history and a few links I thought would be good to share. Feel free to browse 🙂

My Teaching Portfoilo– this is an online portfolio that houses my educational experience, including CV, Teaching Rationale, and Sample Syllabus. Take a gander.

My Profile on I actually have two profiles, but the one I’m sharing has the most reviews, so I’ll share this one. I teach at California State University, Northridge and Glendale Community College as an adjunct instructor- feel free to look up both. (Sidenote: this may sound like I’m gloating- I’m not. There are some reviews that aren’t too great. I decided to share this to show more of my academic experience.

Here’s a site I really enjoy- It’s a really helpful site for English majors, which includes interviews with English students, graduates, and writers. They also have great Literature merch, too. Check them out.

Grad Life, interpreted through elaborate Lego sets. This is actually really good! Comical and satirical, this page is a series of episodes in the existential abyss that is grad school. There is very little info about who this person is, however I highly recommend scrolling through and enjoying. (that will easily be your whole day)

I’m also really into comics and comics scholarship– here are a few comic artists and their websites. Some have their own books, and have been featured in a few publications. Highly recommended

The Oatmeal (the site is pretty large, so I decided to link to a page I really enjoyed reading, focused on what creativity is and what spurs those creative gears. Good read!)-

Leslie Stein-

Sarah Anderson-

This site is one I’ve used quite a bit for tips on studying for the GRE Literature exam. Highly recommended if you are taking it soon.

This page is a work-in-progress since I’m not sure what else to add. Will continue to build on this 🙂